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Struggle to Get Your House Sold?

Whether you have a property that is over-financed and owe more on your mortgage than the property is worth, a property that is free and clear, or a property in foreclosure or bankruptcy ...whatever the case, we can help when others can not! 

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We have several ways we can buy your home or investment property today! Drop the hassle of putting your home on the market for months, and help deserving families find homes.

We will make you a fair offer right away.

Are you late on payments? Currently in foreclosure? Can't afford a realtor fee? Property in bad condition? Couldn't sell in the past? ...Or just need to sell right away?

It doesn't matter? We can close quickly! ...And save you money and protect your credit! No more headaches! No risk! No obligation! It's easy to request an offer on your house!

Sell to Shelly – your community Affordable Housing provider, and close within 24 hours!

Read Some Persistent Real Estate Myths

“I Have To Have Great Credit To Get Into A Home.”

We can help you even if you have bad credit, no credit, low down payment, or no down  payment! We offer Rent, Rent to Buy, Land Contract, and Owner Financing; start from wherever you are!

“We can't sell our house because we have no equity and we are behind on payments”

​We can buy your house - no matter the situation.  We're here to help make each step of the selling process easy for you, and can close within 24 hours!

“It Costs A Lot To Sell My Home.”

​If you are wanting to sell us your house, we can close quickly... And as investors, we can often cut your expenses in half (or more) because we do not charge a commission and there are no closing costs.


Whether you are buying or selling we are here to create a path to either own a home or sell a home. Fill out our form to learn more. 


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